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Meet The Infamous "Virgil & Friends"

Welcome to Virgil and his friends! Want to see more of us? Just contact Dinotyme today so they can come meet you! They really like to make new friends and they like to make people laugh and Lasagna is their favorite meal cooked by Luigi, Nom Nom Nom Nom!  They also have a lot of fun making special appearances. If you’d like to invite any of them to one of your special events please contact the people who take care of them to find out when they can meet you! They can also come to your school or non-profit function and give kids the positive messages of the importance of eating right, reading, anti-bullying and learning.

Contact Us Today to have Virgil or his friends at your next Event, Party, School, Grand Opening or Expo!


Get ready for Dinotyme's Cast of Characters to arrive at your party! They can talk about childhood issues like bullying and the importance of being kind and respectful to one another. Reading and eating healthy are other skits/shows we also perform. You can be sure our puppets are something your guests will NEVER FORGET!  Adults and kids alike are in awe as they watch our characters come to life in front of their eyes!!  We have 3 friendly cuddly monsters (Oliver, George and Blue), Luigi our Italian Chef, Pippin our sassy girl and Virgil our Baby Dinosaur.


Whatever kind of public event you're having, we offer FREE PROMOTION across all of our Social Media networks which includes our Facebook, Twitter and Public Event Calendar on our websites! 


If you would like to take full advantage of our free promotion when you book one of our Dino's, all you need to do is to send over all your relevant event information including any artwork and links to your social media accounts!


We have a dedicated fan base who are desperate to see when our next DINOSAUR appearance is so make sure they know when and where your event is! See? Instant Free Promotional Marketing!


Now, if you're having us at a private event, we do not promote your event nor allow your event to be promoted on our calendar. ONLY PUBLIC EVENTS will be promoted and with your permission!

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