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Travel Through Time's Sensory & Special Effects

Travel Through Time:  A Closer Look


Producer: Bill Carroll

FX Supervisor: Danielle Masterson


Story Writer:  Linda Guerrera


Genre:  Educational Stage Show


Experience the magic and wonder of potential award winning productions of "Travel Through Time" with Professor Theopolis. Ideas based on Mary Pope Osborne's "Magic Tree House" book series and the critically acclaimed BBC documentary series Walking with Dinosaurs – which has been seen by over 700 million people worldwide – this new up-coming production will be one of the most interactive and exciting educational shows to come out of the United States. With our creator's history and experience with Nickelodeon Live, Sesame Street Live, Disney and many stage productions, his vision for this incredible 4D educational experience will leave you wanting MORE!


The educational shows stretch across centuries and brings you to destinations around the globe. Experience great journeys through the interactive shows with incredible ground-shaking sound, breathtaking lighting sequences, 3D video projection, life-size baby dinosaurs, exciting high-tech robots, amazing special effects that even touches your sense of “smell”! Journey to the time of Pirates and their treasures, Ireland with the Viking Adventure, China and the Dragon King or enjoy the expedition to the North Pole during our Christmas Special.


All of these choreographed production elements which are among the most professional in the industry create the most sophisticated breathtaking shows that anyone could journey through. From mist and rolling fog to sequenced water spritzers and scent projectors make this for a multi-sensory experience on the newest trend in educational entertainment.  Our special effects will allow for our 4D designers to utilize their imagination to the fullest and set the stage for a one of a kind experience. Combined with exceptional music and sound effects, specialty scents, video projection and even water sprays create close to real life moments that will make you believe that you were actually where we take you within the story. What if you not only hear an explosion but also felt it? How would it be to feel the sea spray when watching a pirate ship float by? Smell the forest below a volcano while then feeling the eruption and getting lightly sprayed by the spewing lava? Not hot of course BUT you could feel the heat of the blast as well. 

Introducing our amazing 4D stage show, Travel Through Time. Click Learn More below to read more about our potentially award winning adventure!

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