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We are creators, designers, producers and manufacturers of special effects, creatures, characters, puppets, props and MORE for the Film Industry, Television, Music Videos, Theatrical Productions,

Theme Parks, Haunted Attractions and Corporate Projects.

Welcome to DinoTyme's FX Lab. Our products defy the industry standards to meet demanding requirements. Used in film, television, Special events, educational shows, theater, theme parks, concerts as well as sporting events, our theatrical special effects are imaginative and cunning. Our effects are made for people who want breath-taking, reliable and attractive products.  We don't just create special effects,  we create an innovative and dynamic movement for an entire population of fun people like YOU!  Join our extensive list of clients that have found success with our amazing volunteers at DinoTyme Productions.


DinoTyme FX Lab’s Director, Danielle Masterson, is a multi-award winning Emmy Nominated Artist, with numerous awards across make-up and special effects categories. Working with her is a team of award winning Audiovisual Producers along with a group of the industry's best designers, technicians and artists all ready to volunteer their time and talent towards any educational project they come up with. Danielle is trained to create robust and impressive simulation effects for all of the productions and projects. Her amazing team have performed thousands of events for millions of audience members worldwide. These are the same Professional Services that you have seen in movies such as Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion, Iron Man and the Terminator. Organizations and companies like the U.S. Military, Department of Defense and First Responders Training Centers, School Drama Departments and Community Theatres.


Their range of work has included prosthetic character make-ups, animatronic and creature effects work & creation, speciality costumes, props and puppets, prosthetic medical and gore effects, consultation, design and also industry training. They also have a growing range of more advanced premium products – from hyper-realistic creature suits and lifecasts to specialty rigs and costumes and have made a range of our screen quality prosthetic make-ups available for sale through DinoTyme Productions. Whatever your project and need, they'll get it created for you! No budget too big or too small!

Simulation EFX

DinoTyme's FX Lab skillfully produces and hand crafts its own prosthetics ensuring they are sturdy, look and feel real, demonstrating a variety of injuries including considerable damage to a limb and the surrounding tissue, simulating bone protrusion and tissue damage with exposed tendons and flesh. The simulation make-up effects are not only realistic, but can last a considerable length of time on the skin. They will withstand the rigorous schedule of a film shoot or to be used in a theatrical setting. 


The FX Lab also provides additional services and products to add further realism and solutions to a variety of needs and have been developed by our FX Lab and their product development team. They are exclusive to us and are available upon request.

Special Effects
Confetti/Streamer/Scent EFX

Our theatrical Special Effects machines and fluids are designed to serve Show, Leasure, TV, Cinema and Event professionals.  We also use hypoallergenic and safe chemicals in our machines where available.


We offer all kinds of machines including Confetti, Streamer, Snow, Haze, Bubbles, Smoke, Low-lying Fog, Foam, Mist, Rain, Wind, CO2 Cryogenic Effects, Scents, Silk Simulated Flames & Pyrotechnics.

Fireworks/Pyrotechnics/Laser SHows

Dinotyme's highly trained and experienced Pyrotechnic's staff offer amazing professional firework displays for ANY occasion adding that extra special touch to your event.

Our displays can be from a ground fountain display and/or a 5 minute "Finale" to a full blown 10 to 30 minute display. ANY of the displays that you choose for your event are breathtaking and amazing for pictures and video to remember it by. Contact us for more info.


We've worked with and have learned from the best in the business with Special Effects Artists from movies such as Alien vs Predator, Hellboy, Star Trek, The Avengers, Avatar and many many more. 


From concept to creation to finished masterpiece, We'll create literally ANYthing for you and what comes from your imagination and ours.

We've also developed educational stage shows with our professional puppets to teach & entertain children. For more information on how to get our shows to you, please contact us today for availability.

Show & Theme
Park Development /
Haunted Attractions

As show producers, we oversee the development of entire attractions and exhibits, from initial concept design through fabrication & installation all while meeting our client’s creative vision, we take an innovative and creative approach to produce the effects you need.


We can add all kinds of FX to your attraction including character or creature creation for a mascot or realistic look to walk among your guests. Pyrotechnics and Fireworks are also a theme Park favorite. We've got you covered!

Our dedicated group of lasertechologists specialize in spectacular Laser Light Shows and special effects for corporate, charitable, children's and civic events with over 30 years of Full Production and Show experience. From large outdoor city-scale events and world tours, to intimate corporate and private functions, they offer custom sound, lighting & laser equipment for every occasion.

Being one of Central Virginia's top special effects producers, everyone is a kid on a magical journey to see exciting and mesmerizing laser lights in FULL COLOR dancing all around you in 3D by Special Effects Artist and Lighting Designer Bill Carroll.

Our Laser Illuminations are full of lights, music, lasers and even special effects like SNOW, BUBBLES & MORE! This attraction indoors or out, includes many holiday scenes such as for Christmas, animated elves, reindeer, tons of beautiful colored and lit Christmas trees, hundreds of wrapped gifts in all shapes and sizes, a Virtual Santa and so much MORE! There is also tons of different trains moving around their tracks as well. The spectacular breath-taking laser shows are a family favorite and have become a tradition to experience for many families. 

For any occasion or holiday, take a journey into pure imagination with our Laser Illuminations Light Shows! Step into our world of lights, lasers and magic!

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