After the show the audience gets to interact up close and personal with not only Professor Theopolis but the characters too!  You'll get to meet and touch the 18 foot baby t-rex, have a conversation with an 8 foot talking robot and get close and experience the Time Sphere up close and personal on stage. Students can also submit ahead of time questions for Professor Theopolis to answer after the show about the production. See behind the scenes of this educational technological experience and see how the show comes alive through our award winning special effects, characters and incredible sound and lights!

It begins with an interest and ends with effect. But what calls on people to interact? It’s our captivating story line; an environment that begs you to answer, respond, question and even reach out and touch. Our shows are carried by technologies that erase the boundaries of reality and capture as many senses as possible. Our shows are designed to melt these boundaries to carry you, the audience’s imagination, straight into our story.


We call this: "Education Through Imagination".

What does "interaction" feel like?
An Interactive Adventure In 4D - "Touching The Senses "

"Travel Through Time" allows you to learn more about each journey through your senses of sight, sound, smell & touch.  For example of one show, you’ll be able to “feel” the rumble of a volcano, “smell” the forest, “hear” the thunderous sounds of eruption and “see” the smoke and molten lava spew out the top of the mountain. This is truly an interactive stage show for all ages. 


The educational shows stretch across centuries and brings you to historical destinations around the globe. Experience great journeys through the interactive shows with incredible ground-shaking sound, breathtaking lighting sequences, 3D video projection, life-size baby dinosaurs, exciting high-tech robots and amazing special effects! Journey to the time of pirates and their treasures and enjoy the expedition to the North Pole during our Christmas Special at various venues throughout the country.

After The Show Q&A

Welcome to...

"Star Gate or Time Tunnel"

Function: noun
a portal that allows one to travel backward or forward in time.

An Educational Interactive Journey Through Time Into History

Travel Through Time

Introducing "Professor Theopolis "

As the main character and historical guru of these incredible shows, the Professor guides you on an amazing journey to far distant lands through the time sphere. Professor Theopolis consistently interacts with the audience from start to finish and takes you to places like the pyamids of Egypt, the horizons of the great seas with Pirates, the lost land of Dinosaurs, the futuristic times of Robots, a Viking adventure and even to the North Pole! There will be different shows based upon, and to coincide with, the curriculum of the elementary school system. We will also offer Professor Theopolis and her time sphere for special shows within the schools themselves or for Educational Seminars all over the country.  You can even get Draven our baby T-Rex to come to your school, office, or event. Just call 800-809-4711 for more information.

2010 - present

2010 - present