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Production Team

The Institute of Performing Arts and DinoTyme Productions in partnership with the Bill Carroll Foundation, have assembled a professional team of advisors, educators, technicians, film industry pros and gurus to this prestigious educational stage show project.

Show Creator
Bill Carroll


Co-Founder of DinoTyme Productions, the Institute for the Performing Arts and the potentially award winning educational stage show Travel Through Time, Bill has more than 30 years of progressively responsible experience in marketing, education, entertainment and stage production and with Nickelodeon Live, Disney, Sesame Street Live, Cedar Fair Entertainment, Six Flags, ABC/MTV/CBS and hundreds of stage shows, his vast knowledge with the Education, Film & Theatre Industries has given the creation of the Institute valuable resources and extensive insight and expertise. With many Broadcasting, Entertainment, Humanitarian and Charity Awards for his work to include the national Crystal Award for his audio production & creativity, Bill, also a certified Audiovisual Engineer from the Dept of Defense & is CTS Certified as well as a Certified Broadcasting Educator from the Broadcaster's Mentoring Group and the Virginia Association of Broadcasters, is excited to bring his talent to this prestigious Institute.


Bill has spent most of his adult life Being a Producer, Entertainer, FX Artist & Audiovisual Engineer that served not only the corporate world but also in a variety of industries including Broadway Theater, national entertainment companies, the United Nation's audiovisual dept., radio and television companies and also the military and defense sectors. His technical experience adds so much to the wide scope of every project that he tackles and also his savvy business sense and knowledge has taught him an incredible understanding of the Business and Entertainment Industries of today.

Danielle Masterson


Danielle Masterson is our Emmy Award Nominated Special FX make-up artist/supervisor and is highly trained to create robust and impressive simulation effects while retaining clinical accuracy, resulting in credible and believable simulations.


For years she's been the makeup FX supervisor for an FX Lab in New York and has worked on many TV series and film projects for horror, drama & real-life shows/films. Her extensive experience has also brought her talents to the stage of many regional and off-broadway theatrical shows for makeup and visual effects.

Linda Guerrera


With much of her adult life behind a microphone as an on-air personality and voice-over artist, Linda has other credits to her name as well. She co-authored the book Cat Tales-True Love Stories, produced a weekly radio show for kids and won the New York State Broadcasters Award for one of her many creative pieces. Raising two children of her own, Linda also became involved in the world of Autism after learning that her youngest child was diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum. Determined to make sure her son became a strong and independent adult, she learned how to help him find the keys to learning to help him with his education and with life.These are the experiences she draws from that led her to what she does for us here today.


Linda is our Award Winning Writer of the actual stage shows.

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