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The most amazing and creative imaginations are behind what you see when you experience one of these breathtaking shows.  Meet the puppeteers and the muscle behind the interactive characters...


When the light bulb when off in Bill Carroll's head one afternoon.. it was clear to him what needed to be done...

Meet The Muscle Behind the Show

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"Education Through Imagination"


A couple of weeks ago I got to sit down with Bill Carroll. You may know him as the one of the popular radio hosts over on B101.5 or perhaps you know him more for being an entertainer, an educator and patron of the arts! ~MORE~

IPA is "Making a Home In Fredericksburg, VA"


FREDERICKSBURG- The Institute for the Performing Arts, co-founded by Lead Patron Bill Carroll, will be housed in the Fredericksburg area as a state-of-the-art performing arts higher education institution. Carroll told the Tribune that he wants the base of the institute to be in Central Virginia, but that he plans on expanding to other locations in the future, including Florida, Texas, Chicago, New York, and California.