Experience History In An All New Way


"Travel Through Time" is your ticket to the world's history. Walk among dinosaurs, journey to the North Pole or explore ancient civilizations, as selected by your time travel guide, Professor Theopolis.


"Travel Through Time" is an interactive 4D educational exhibition featured by the Performing Arts Institute founded & created by the Bill Carroll Foundation


The educational shows designed around and for people with all levels of disabilities including but not limited to the Autism Spectrum, stretch across centuries and brings you to destinations around the globe. Experience great journeys through the interactive shows with incredible ground-shaking sound, breathtaking lighting sequences, 3D video projection, life-size baby dinosaurs, exciting high-tech robots, amazing special effects that even touches your sense of SMELL! Journey to the time of Pirates and their treasures, go on an African Safari, visit Ireland with our Viking Adventure, China and the Dragon King or enjoy the 4D expedition to the North Pole during our Christmas Special.


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